Help identifying a Browning A-5

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Help identifying a Browning A-5

Post by mmarshall » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:36 pm

I have a Browning A-5....I think
It is a 12 GA auto
Serial # is 1965XX (x's are 2 other numbers from 1-9)
circled FN stamp just above serial number
On Reciever " Browning Arms company St Louis MO"

Barrel says:
"Special Steel"
"Made in Belgium"
to the right of special steel it says: 0hg986

Wondering if it is in that 1st 200,000 run in the early 1900s or if the 1965 in the serial # indicates date of manufacture
I believe that at 229,000 is when Remington started making these
According to browning it was made in the 30's just based on the serial number because in 1965 it should have had a M or a G in the serial number ... otgun.html

I appreciate any help you can give. Trying to nail down the info for purposes of insurance.

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Re: Help identifying a Browning A-5

Post by Fowlgunner » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:15 am

According to Vanderlinden and Shirley, the A5 would have been shipped in the first half of 1937.

Did the Browning Historian say that the records for your gun were available?

I know of a 1938 gun that has a Browning letter.


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