Ammunition for model 341p rifle

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Ammunition for model 341p rifle

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What velocity of 22 caliber long rifle ammunition can I safely shoot in my model 341P bolt action rifle? The rifle is in excellent condition. Velocity of 22 caliber ammo varies from about 800 FPS up to 2000 FPS and I am looking for one that would be safe in my 1936 rifle. What would be about the maximum velocity that I can safely use.
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Re: Ammunition for model 341p rifle

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Hi Bulldog,

Since it's a bolt action, it should be safe to fire with any standard, or high velocity 22 ammo. If you're still concerned, use only standard velocity ammo. Velocity varies by manufacturer, and is in the 900 - 1,000 fps range, but all standard 22 ammo is safe in the older guns. Stay away from any hyper velocity, or "special" ammo.

If you have an older semi-auto, stick to standard velocity ammo to prevent damage to the bolt or other moving parts.
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