New Model No. 4 intermittent cylinder issue.

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New Model No. 4 intermittent cylinder issue.

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I would have researched this for myself but the search function on this forum seems to be broken. It ignores words that are too "common" so when I search "Remington New Model No. 4 Revolver in .41 rimfire" It reports the following:

Search found 17 matches: Remington New Model No. 4 Revolver in .41 rimfire
Searched query: remington new model no 4 revolver in 41 rimfire

ignored: new model remington no 4 in 41

So you just don't get relevant results! :?

Anyway this rare little gun with a decent punch has an intermittent cylinder. If I cock the hammer slowly the cylinder will never turn. If I cock it smartly it still won't turn unless I have already cocked it a moment before.

Basically if you pick it up and cock it fast or slow it will not rotate but after that if you cock it at an average pace it seems to work perfectly for as long as you keep going. At any time I can make it malfunction by cocking it very slowly or by just pausing long enough. Orientation does not seem to affect it much. The lock up is decent and the timing is just fine.

I am hoping someone will twig on these particular symptoms! :idea:

My first thought is that it just needs a good cleaning/deburring/lubrication so the mechanism moves as freely as it is supposed to. (that would be nice as I was going to do that anyway)

Any thoughts?
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Re: New Model No. 4 intermittent cylinder issue.

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pics? .....................................
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