New Model Navy - 1863 production

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New Model Navy - 1863 production

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I have a New Model Navy, serial 24479 that I have been able to find out was manufactured in 1863, but that's the extent of it. It's pretty ugly, including marks on the butt of the grips that make be think it might have been used as a hammer at some point. All the numbers match though, so it's original.

Where do I even start to discover where it went after it left the factory? Is there any way to find out who it was issued to?
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Re: New Model Navy - 1863 production

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Welcome to the RSA web site. Unfortunately, there is almost no way to learn where the gun went when it left the factory. Rem records are non-existent, and military records are few and far between.

Does the pistol have a cartouche (2-3 letters in an oval) on the left lower grip? Any single letters stamped on the bbl. frame, or trigger guard? These are all inspectors' marks indicating it was bought by the US. At least you will know that much.

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