Transitional New model Army

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Transitional New model Army

Post by MacArtesh »

Hello from France,

I own for few months now a New model Army. It was told to me this is a "transitional" version,
since it is an early new model army but with some parts inherited from the old model, such as the cone brass front sight.

Its main particularity is on the barrel : there is the classical two line adress and patent marking, but an additionnal "New model" marking was stamped between the latter and the breach of the gun.
Serial number is 20378.

Here are some photos :
Rem8.JPG (51.71 KiB) Viewed 1138 times
Rem7.JPG (51.32 KiB) Viewed 1138 times
Rem4.JPG (38.58 KiB) Viewed 1138 times
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Rem5.JPG (74.09 KiB) Viewed 1138 times
Rem5bis.JPG (56.98 KiB) Viewed 1138 times
Rem9.JPG (55.62 KiB) Viewed 1138 times
Unfortunately I wasn't successful in my online researchs to find other exemplars of this apparently uncommon variety of transitional New model.

Here are made some mentions of the existence of a 2+1 lines marking on the barrel, but there is no photos : ... percussion ... =101027433

What do you think of it ? By any chance some of you would have more information about this variety ?And last but not least, does it worth the 1300$ I paid for it ?

Thank you very much
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Re: Transitional New model Army

Post by Patbar »

I also have a transitional model, but mine is a navy model. Just like yours, it as the 1861 model barrel with the cone front sight, but it also has the 1861 model loading lever. It was produced in March, 1863.

During the first months of this year 1863, Remington assembled a certain number of guns by mixing parts of the new model army and navy and parts of the 1861 model left in stock.

Remington 1861 droit rebronze.jpg
Remington 1861 droit rebronze.jpg (283.95 KiB) Viewed 1126 times
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Re: Transitional New model Army

Post by billt »

There were five barrel addresses used on the Remington 44 caliber percussion revolvers during the Civil War. The first was the two line Beals with the 1858 patent date followed by the two line Elliot or Old Model with the 1861 patent date. The Elliot was followed by the New Model which used the 1858 patent date without the Beals. The first New Models are called transition revolvers by the collectors because they used left over parts from the Elliot or Old Model revolver. The transition New Model revolvers had the two line address without the “New Model” followed shortly thereafter by the two line with the “New Model” stamped between the address and the frame like yours. The final address was the three line address with the “New Model” on the third line. I have included a picture of my transition New Model SN 17267 which has the two line without the “New Model”. In over thirty years of collecting Remington revolvers I have only seen one revolver with the transition barrel address like yours. In his book Remington Army and Navy Revolvers 1861-1888 on page 350 Don Ware has pictured all five barrel addresses.

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