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Remington New Model Transitional

Post by Eskilgh » Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:10 am

Got these Transitional model a few years back, thats been bothering me a bit.
It is in excelent condition, sharp corners, mecanically crisp, but the finish is not in the usual Remingotn tone.
Found a picture on the net a of a simmilar one also in excelent condition with the same color tone (can't seem to find it anymore).
That's when I start wondering. Is this a original factory finish or maybe an arsenal finish.
I've done som measurements of the barrel and the frame and compared it to an another excelent NMA that I have. They differ just thousands of an inch.
The revolver in question is in the serial range 19xxx and the revolver that I comared it to is in the 71xxx range.
It's the bottom revolver in the image.
Any ideas or thoughts will be appriciated.

Best regards
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