WTB: .32 rimfire long cartridges

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WTB: .32 rimfire long cartridges

Post by 92GTA » Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:29 pm

I'm looking for 2 things...

First I need a few WORKING .32 rimfire long rounds. I don't care what brand and I only want maybe 6 tops. I just want to be able to fire off a few rounds with my 14yr old son.

Second, a vintage complete box of Remington brand .32 rimfire long from circa 1902. These I'm just going to put on display with the rifle and they will never be used.

These are for an original No. 4 rifle that's been in my family since new. It's been in a closet for 60yrs and I'd like to fire a few rounds before putting it into a display in our family room along with the ammo and a picture of my great-grandfather who bought it originally (yes it's been looked at by a gun smith and has been cleaned/lubed and deemed fit for firing).


please include pics and your asking price including shipping to CA 93311.
1902 Remington "Early Takedown" Standard Model No. 4 "Rolling Block" rifle, .32 Rimfire
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Bought new and used by my great-grandfather in Oklahoma.

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