New from Aus

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New from Aus

Post by Red »

Hi All,

Just saying a quick hi from Australia. Most of my shooting has been with bolt guns, but I've recently been getting an itch for pistol-calibre slide-action centrefires. The market here in Australia isn't as big as what most others would be used to, but I've managed to pick up a couple of Rem model 25's in .32-30 which are a stella little gun, and a model 14 1/2 in .44-40.

The .44 has been around the block, but is a BDC stamped gun and a piece of history, so I'm aiming to get it operational with a bit of help - it's very close. I've already found lots of useful info on the forum so figured I'd register.

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Re: New from Aus

Post by Rem51Guy »

welcome red! am also new from north coast of Ohio (NE/Midwest USA). My interest is in semi-auto pistol Model 51 (.380 and .32 calibers). Cheers!
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