TThe weather was as fine as western Virginia could give in
the fall, and thirty-five RSAers from around the country
enjoyed one of the best seminars ever! The 16th Annual
RSA Historical Seminar was held in Lexington, at the Virginia
Military Institute (VMI) from September 19th – 21st. It was an
unqualified success.

The seminar began on Wednesday morning with a
tour of the historical sites in Lexington which included General
Stonewall Jackson’s residence, the Robert E. Lee Chapel where
the Confederate General is buried, and the Lexington cemetary.

After the Reception Banquet on Wednesday evening,
the seminar began on Thursday morning and continued through
Friday in Moody Hall on the VMI Campus with presentations
on the history of VMI by Col. Keith Gibson, our co-host and
Curator of the VMI Museum, and a talk on the career of General
George C. Marshall by Paul Barron, Director of Library &
Archives, George C. Marshall Foundation and Museum. We
were also fortunate to have Phil Schreier, Curator of the NRA
National Firearms Museum, speak to us on the newly expanded
National Firearms Museum.