Remington 12B

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Remington 12B

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I have a Remington model 12B, the receiver and barrel and buttplate are nickel plated. Serial# 127220, haven’t seen one completely nickel plated. I believe it to be never fired. Any info? Can’t find anything online.. most 12B’s I’ve seen are partially nickel plated..

John Gyde
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Re: Remington 12B

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There are a few nickel plated 12-Bs out there. A gallery gun with little wear is odd. It obviously wasn't used at a gallery. If the sights are plated it was not done at the factory. There are quite a few alternatives on the ones I have seen. As an example, some have the butt plate nickeled; some don't. Most of the ones I have seen were not done at the factory.

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