1962 Model 700 Carbine .222 Magnum

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1962 Model 700 Carbine .222 Magnum

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While recently visiting one of my local gun shops and perusing along the used bolt-action section, I spied an early Model 700 ADL in excellent condition in the rack. When I picked it up I immediately noticed it had a 20" barrel! Then, looking at the caliber designation on the barrel, I nearly fainted when I saw it was a .222 Rem. Mag. Adding to my excitement, I checked out the serial number and found it was a 4-digit. I then turned my attention to the price tag, expecting to see something approaching four figures, and was stunned to see a price appropriate for any used 700 hunting rifle. Trying to appear unruffled, I laid the rifle on the counter, and told the clerk I wished to purchase it. Completing the paperwork and paying for the gun, I vamoosed home before they discovered their slip-up. Checking the barrel date code revealed the carbine was made in July 1962. It was 100% original, with a mint bore and mechanics. It has been used and shot very little. My research has indicated that the 20" barreled 700s were only made in 1962? I know in 50 years in gun trading I have only encountered a couple other 700 carbines and they were both 6mm. Can any members provide any more information on this piece? Has any research been done to determine the number of 700 carbines produced, or rarity of calibers. I do know from experience that .222 Mag. models are far from common. Always wanted one, but never dreamed it would be in such a rare configuration. By the way, it groups Sierra 55 H.P.s in 9/16"!

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Re: 1962 Model 700 Carbine .222 Magnum

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Re: 1962 Model 700 Carbine .222 Magnum

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There are several variations of the 700 in 222 rem mag. There's standard 24 inch barrel. There's a 23.5 inch barrel version. Then the carbine versions. The BDL carbine and 23.5 inch barel ones would be the hardest. I have total numbers of 222 mags, but not sure if they narrow it down to carbines etc.... There has been quite a few 222 mags popping up on gunbroker for the past couple years.

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Re: 1962 Model 700 Carbine .222 Magnum

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I have a 1962 Remington Model 700 ADL .222 Magnum carbine with a scope that was my dad's. I was thinking of selling it but I don't know what it's worth. The serial # 8311. I live in Central Florida but the gun is in Massachusetts. I have access to any info I need on it. Anyone know where I could get a value?

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