1962 first year Remington Safari in 375 H&H once owned by John F. Lacy

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1962 first year Remington Safari in 375 H&H once owned by John F. Lacy

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This is a very scarce Remington rifle and it was owned by the Author of the book ( The Remington 700 ) "A History And Users Manual" 1962 - 1987 by John F. Lacy . The gun is a first year 1962 Safari in 375 H&H Magnum and if your a serious 700 collector you know how rare they are !! Page # 196 in Lacy's book shows There were only 18 in 375 made in 1962 !! These rifles had a 26" barrel with factory muzzle brake. The factory muzzle brake only came standard for 62 and 63 then it was only available as an add on for 1964. This rifle has the scarce white recoil lug cap. As far as I can tell 1962 was the only year Safari that had the white cap other than the 1961-725 Kodiak's. There were actually less 1962 Safari rifles made than the Kodiak's !!! The bolt is serial numbered to match the receiver. The gun has a hand checkered stock from the custom shop and the barrel has no date code also standard from the custom shop. I bought this rifle along with 5 or 6 others from John Lacy in April of 2016 and he drew up a bill of sale on his "model 700 " stationary and had it notarized in the state of Texas. I will include that with sale. I am only selling this because I have two 1962s in 375 H&H and I am keeping the one in the best shape. This gun has had some use possibly Africa or Alaska or even Elk or deer in the west ???  It shows wear mostly on stock it looks like the guy might have let it rub on his belt sometimes while carrying it. Those are the worst marks but it has been used and shows other scratches from being hunted ! The bore is very nice.

I want $6500.00 for the rifle as I had to pay up for it from John !!  Maybe I paid to much ?? They made 18 of them !!! And it was owned by the author of the Bible for Remington 700s

If you have interest in the gun or questions about it or maybe want more pictures please get back to me through this add and I can provide my ph number or email me at 54calpal@gmail.com Thanks John Taylor

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