Model 11

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Model 11

Post by HomieSapien » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:07 am

Hello all-
I just inherited my father-in-law's 12g model 11 and have a couple of questions. the steel friction ring is the style with the internal bevel. I'm assuming the flat side goes against the spring, correct? Also the barrel appears to have been cut about 1/2" but still wont take a dime. I'm also assuming you measure the barrel to the bolt face. I'd like to find a factory polychoke barrel for it - does anyone know how well they work compared to the aftermarket ones? It probably depends entirely on the skill of the person installing it. If anyone has a polychoke barrel they want to sell let me know. If not I'll try some of the vendors on this site. Thanks for any input.

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Re: Model 11

Post by Researcher » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:50 pm

Here is the friction ring info from an original Remington manual --


In the days the Model 11 was being made, Remington milled the Poly-Choke fingers integral from the barrel material and the collet then screwed on. This picture is actually of a Remington Model 31P barrel --


"Factory" Remington Poly-Choke barrels are quite rare.

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Re: Model 11

Post by dklistul » Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:30 pm

New member here and am starting to look for information on a Model 11 that I bought the other day. It has that choke (pictured above) but what really caught my eye is the Nydar Model 47 Gunsight it also has. I've read that these sights were sort of looked down upon back in the day but with the choke and the sight, this gun was just unusual enough that I had to bring it home.

Date Code CY (doing this from memory) which, if I'm not mistaken, says it was built about 1930. Lots of wear on the stock and bluing to make it look like it could easily be 80 years old.

No time to do any serious shooting, yet; just a thorough cleaning then 8 rounds or so off the back porch to make sure it functions.

EDIT: Reading some of the other posts, I'm not sure about the CY being a date code. There is definitely a CY, and a separate CYL. But the S/N says it's from early 1929.

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Re: Model 11

Post by bobby » Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:05 am

I have a polychoke as shown in the picture and would like to know how to work it? Do I screw down till it bottoms out then make adjustments? It has notations 1)single turn full 2)cyl v 3)3v 4)modv 5)5v. What does each signify.I have used shotguns somewhat in the past but never was into them till now. Any education greatly appreciated.

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