Remington Model 17 - Will it pump/slam fire?

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Remington Model 17 - Will it pump/slam fire?

Post by bruschu » Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:27 pm

I had an Ithaca Model 37 and it would pump/slam fire, if I happened to be holding the trigger and pumped a round into battery. Surprised me on my first follow-up shot on woodock.

I understand that later Model 37's will not but do not know if Rem's Model 17 trigger/action mechanism is the same.

I have a Remington Model 31 and don't believe it will pump/slam fire.

Some users on different forums like to be able to hold the trigger and cycle fire for defensive shotguns, but I find it unsafe for field use, especially by younger shooters.

Thanks for the help.


Robert Minshall
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Re: Remington Model 17 - Will it pump/slam fire?

Post by Robert Minshall » Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:10 pm

In the Model 17 and the Ithaca model 37, the hammer follows the bolt as it closes if you hold the trigger back. If you close it fast enough it will fire with the next cartridge when the hammer catches up. This is a dangerous design from that point as the fining pin could contact the primer before the bolt is locked closed. It doesn't occur on newer Remington pump guns. The Winchester Model 12 will also fire if you hold the trigger back and pump it, but the hammer cannot fall or can the firing pin move forward until the bolt is closed and locked.

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