1901 Sportsmen's Show

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1901 Sportsmen's Show

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https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 7/id/42480
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March 23, 1901 Sporting Life
https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 7/id/41611

On the Roof Garden the experts had their inning, and all devotees of this sport had an opportunity of witnessing the best shots in America in open competition. Never before has there been such an aggregation in the National Sportsmen's contests.
Fred Gilbert, R.O. Heikes, J.S. Fanning, W.R. Crosby, Frank Parmelee, J.J. Hallowell, Edward Banks, J.R. Hull, B. Le Roy, Phil Daly, A.H. Fox, Ed. Rike, Colonel Courtney, E.C. Griffith, S.Van Allen and others made a warm combination, and a man who won a medal knew that he earned it.
The arrangements were perfect under the management of Elmer E. Shaner. A Magautrap, run by an electric motor, and Blue Rock targets, made pretty shooting. To the uninitiated the fights appeared easy, but a trial soon convinced one that there was plenty of space around each bird. To be sure, the experts made good scores, but no better than they ought to make, and for an average the scores are really lower than on outdoor grounds, where the shooting appeared even harder.
On the first day, March 2 Heikes won the championship medal, with 94 out of 100. Gilbert was next, with 91, although this was in his second trial, in which he broke but 19 out of his first 25. W. R. Crosby broke 90 in his first trial, and Gilbert 84. A. H. Fox was third, with 89 on his third chance. Parmelee had 86, Fanning 83, Le Roy 78.
On the second day March 4, there were 45 trials in the championship contest. The light was none too good and toward the last it was too dark for fine work. Fanning led with 96, a clever performance; Crosby 94, Heikes and Gilbert 92 each. Le Roy 89, Parmelee 87, Fox 84, all in first trial.
In the continuous match there were 22 entries, some making as many as 16 trials. On his first effort Fanning ran 30 and Heikes 19. Griffith went to 27 on his second test. Then Heikes made it 71 straight and stopped. This gave him the medal for the day, as no one approached this mark, Gilbert, with 57, being second highest on the tenth trial.
There was much complaint made by the residents in the locality and it was feared that an injunction would be secured to stop the shooting, but it opened at 10 A.M. on Tuesday with a good list of entries.
On Tuesday, March 5th. a heavy wind and chilly air made hard shooting. The Blue Rocks ducked considerable in the huge box where the shooting is done, and scores were lower than usual with the majority. Fred Gilbert went out with 94 on his first trial in the championship, R.O. Heikes tied him on a second trial. Parmelee had 90. Fox also broke 89 on his third trial. Banks broke 89. Crosby fell to 86 having 17 in his score. LeRoy 83. P. Daly 83 and Fanning fell to 81. There were nearly fifty contestants.
In the continuous match Gilbert had 35, but Fox raised it to 55. Then Gilbert made it 65 and it stood high for the day. Fanning had 35, Heikes 38, Griffith 33, and Crosby 22.

https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 362/rec/18

R.O. Heikes (Remington Hammerless), Ed Banks (Winchester Repeater), W.R. Crosby (Smith), Jack Fanning (Smith), possibly B. LeRoy (Remington)


First 125 at targets by a squad; Heikes, Parmelee (Remington), Fanning, Crosby & Gilbert at the National Sportsmen’s Association Tournament at Interstate Park March 11, 1901.
March 16, 1901 Sporting Life
https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 2367/rec/5


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