Getting my first rifle Remington 770

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Getting my first rifle Remington 770

Post by ThreeOhEight »

Hey i'm going to be getting my first rifle soon a Remington 770 in 308. I've heard of a few problems with the bolt sticking. I was wondering if any of you have had any experiance with a 770 and whats your take on it.

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Re: Getting my first rifle Remington 770

Post by 350magman »

My advice is to steer clear of the 770 and 710 models. I work in a large gun shop and these models have been nothing but a headache. I can't believe Remington continues to put them out. They are a bulky, heavy, crude, piece of crap, in my opinion. At least every other one we sell comes back with a problem. Spend the extra money and get a real rifle - a 700 or Seven. If you can't afford a new one, shop around for a good used example. You will be much happier in the long run, believe me.

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