How to Date a Model 24

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How to Date a Model 24

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(This is my first post here and I know nothing about guns, so please bear with me.)

Does anyone know in what month Model 24 production began in 1922?

I have a Model 24 short with a code of "CN" on it, which I guess translates to March of 1922. That means I have one of the very, very earliest pieces in the history of this gun, right?

I had never owned a firearm before and inherited this from my dad when he passed in 2002. His dad bought it off of a hard-up proprietor of the shooting range at a carnival. His dad paid only a few bucks for it. The year, he guessed, must have been 1940 or 1941.

He went to the carnival just hoping his dad would splurge on some cotton candy, and came home with his first gun.

I hadn't touched it for all of these years until my grown sons (avid hunters, both) talked me into doing some target practice with it...and I have since gone on to use it for rabbit hunting. Bagged my first critter on a rabbit hunt with my boys on my 60th birthday.

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