remington 720 info and value???

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remington 720 info and value???

Post by crazy » Mon Aug 04, 2003 8:24 am

need some info and a possible value on a remington model 720 rifle ,,serial number is 4093xx ,,has a 24" barrel,cal is 30-06 ,everything is original and condition is as close to mint as a 60 year old rifle could be,,any info on when it was made,or possible value would be very helpful,,also would this rifle be a 720S being it has the 24" barrel??any idea of how many of the 24" barrel models were made?
thanks in advance

Rick B


Post by Rick B » Wed Dec 10, 2003 4:14 pm

Im trying to reserch a modified 720 that I have the serial # 85xx on the bolt and on the bottom of the reciever behind the recoil lug.
Mine has been heavly polished (No markings on the reciever ring) , But the bolt handle looks like a 720 not the dog leg m30 and it has the guide rib on the bolt and groove in the bridge. My barrel is marked like the 720s ive seen (but polished and rounded markings) and has LK,BK ,FX marked on the barrel LK,BK being 1941 and FX being 1937.
Im wondering if mine is a real early model 720.
Id be interested in seeing some pictures of yours.
I have only seen (have them filed) pictures of the Dept of the Navy award Rifle 720.

Rick B ,

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