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RP 45

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At the 3/4 century mark, I have had a lot of Remington fire arms. My first revolver that was not a .22LR, was a reproduction Remington Navy 1858 in .36. All of my rifles and shotguns are Remington's with the exception of one "94" Winchester.

I to this day have a pair of 1858 reproductions in .44 cal., that will shoot as well as any centrefire hand gun.

I do a lot of "web surfing", and while engaged in that past time, found the Remington RP series. Quite a bit of "bad press", however I tend to make my own choices, and have always been partial to Remington fire arms, I purchased a RP 45. This must be one of the best kept secrets.. A chassis gun, reminiscent of the Sig P320, with metal sights, a stainless steel slide, front and rear cocking serrations, a relieved chamber for positive feeding of almost any bullet design and rated at +P.

I have been reloading for the .45ACP for over 50 years, a favourite bullet is the H&G #68 a semi wadcutter design, the Remington feeds them flawlessly, something I cannot say for other striker fired guns I have owned.

In my opinion the RP series guns are a great value for the dollar, about 1/2 the price of a Glock, and twice the gun.

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