Remington 51 pistol removal / replacement of riveted grips / metal grip panels

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Remington 51 pistol removal / replacement of riveted grips / metal grip panels

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The black resin type grips have factory stamped thin metal backing plates that fit into small full length cuts / channels on each side of the frame along the sides of where the magazine is inserted .

To remove the grips, press in (upward) on the hammer spring plug at the bottom rear of the grip. With the plug depressed, push the cross pin above it flush with the frame on one side. The grip on that side can now be slid down and disengaged from the frame.

Repeat the process with the other side, pushing the pin flush with the frame on that side. Re-install in reverse.

The metal grip plate on the back of the grip panels can be removed without breaking anything. It's not *easy* but it can be done.

The grip plate has about the size, shape and friendliness of a razor blade, and may be sort of "glued down" by old grease and dirt, but with some careful work it, can come off.

The center of the metal plate has to be pried away from the grip panel a very, very small amount, to clear the small metal center post on the back center of the grip panel. An actual razor blade might work for this.

While it is clear, push the metal plate so that the two metal pins line up with the big holes in their keyhole-shaped slots. Watch out -- the edges and corners of the metal plate are sharp, and may be rusty; have you had your tetanus shots?

Once the grip plate is removed, the two metal pins, or posts, will fall out of the "front" of the grip panel. They maybe stuck in place from dried oil, excess powder residue,etc.. If they don't fall out ... use eyedropper to apply drops of gun cleaner solution onto the front and back of the rivets...... let it set for a while and try finger pressure ONLY to try and to remove them. if still stuck in place, repeat the process.... until they do come out....

If replacing the original grips, with another original set or a repo set.... don't forget to put back the metal center pin ( middle hole in the grips ) which helps hold the metal backing plates snug on the black resin type grips.

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