03-A3 Rifles - Background and aftermarket stocks

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03-A3 Rifles - Background and aftermarket stocks

Post by dowreid » Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:37 am

Good morning All! David Fagan directed me to post this here. I believe he intends to post a photo that I sent to him that goes with these questions.

I have two 03-A3 Remington rifles that I am curious about. I
contacted Remington and they suggested that I contact you as they do
not have the records for these rifles.

I have attached a photo of both rifles.

Both rifles are chambered in .30-06. Both rifles have "U. S.
Remington model 03-A3" stamped on the left hand side of the receiver.

The rifle on top is serial number 3417249. The barrel is 22 inches
and engraved at the end of the barrel, near the muzzle, is "7-43".
This rifle shoots great. I hunt with it all the time. I would like
to locate an after market stock for this rifle as I do not think the
one that is on it was intended for it. It appears that someone
created a "notch" on the left hand side of the stock to accept
receiver. Over time, that notch has begun to deteriorate.

The rifle on the bottom is serial number is 3956823. The barrel is
23 inches in length. There is an "IPI" stamped on the barrel just in
front of the chamber. As you can see, the rifle is set up with peep
sight. It occurs to me that the difference in barrel length between
these two rifles is a result of someone cutting an inch off of the
first rifle to remove the dove tail where the front sight would be
attached. Just speculating.


-249 was presented as a gift to a family friend in the '70's. That
person was an Air Force attache' to a South American country. I
think whoever presented the rifle to our friend, was the person who
"customized" it. ie: the made the stock work for the gun and then
set it up for the scope. The scope is a 4X fixed power weaver
standing on a Redfield scope base.

-823 was "built" by a cousin who had military background. This
cousin built the rifle to his liking. I do not know what he did to
it. I am guessing that he put the gun in its current stock and set
it up with the peep sight. The peep sight is a Lyman. This rifle
shoots pretty well also, though I have not used it in the field.

My real goal here is to obtain the proper after market stocks for
these two guns so I can use them in the field. The notch on -249 is
flaking away and the stock on -823 does not have sling swivels and I
do not want to drill it.

I have a great deal of confidence in both rifles. I hope to use
both of them in the field as long as I am able. If there is some
compelling reason why I should not use these rifles in the field,
please let me know.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.


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