Remington model 14

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Remington model 14

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Picked up a Remington model 14 in .30 rem off of gunbroker . But it has a problem , when trigger is pulled it seems to “fire” and action will cycle back . And then is sticks in the open position and won’t budge! Need some help as I’m not very familiar with these rifles . Serial number is 81973

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Re: Remington model 14

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It could be that you have an early stock on the rifle not fully inletted
for the hook/lever safety system that extends further back into the stock.
When it hangs up in the back position, this is usually the problem, and can
be readily cleared by removing the stock (requires you remove the butt plate to access the stock bolt and then a very long screwdriver). You can usually see where its binding, takes a few minutes with a Dremel Tool to remove
a little wood on the left/inside of the stock.

It might take a couple of tries but isn't difficult, I say that after having
had to do it more than a few hundred times.

This reply is coming late after your posting, sorry!

Jim Peterson
Charlotte, NC
Jim Peterson

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