Rolling Block Identification

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Rolling Block Identification

Postby jce » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:17 pm

I have a Rolling block that was given to me in the early 50s and was represented as a hand me down from a grandfather. It has a 35 1/2 in barrel, the three barrel bands, with strap loop in center and other towards rear of stock. It also has a bar type extractor, and fireing pin mover in the breech block lever. It is stamped US on the barrel in front of the breech, the number 442 in front of US and P behind US. It has a capital D.E. in large letters stamped into the left side of the stock near the butt plate and No. 330 in small characters stamped into the stock on the right side near the butt plate. I have found no other markings on it. It has a military type step sight, no volley sight apendage, with 1-5 on the steps and a sliding horizontal bar with v on top and a round opening (peep site) when pulled all the way down. There is a volly sight on the front barrel band. I am going to have a cast made of the chamber to try to determine caliber and would like to identify what rolling block it is. I always thought it was a US rifle carried by a US soldier in the Spanish American War.

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